Chapter 36 | Feminist Burnout

Every few months, I get exhausted, depressed, and frustrated about it all. I curl up in the fluffiest blanket I own and hide from the world. I cry and tell myself, “I give up. Let the world burn.”

Is this part of being an activist?

Horrible things are happening to our planet and our people. Even when you try to do the right thing, sometimes you end up hurting the ones who need help the most. It’s easy to get lost and to give up hope. But don’t. The media loves to report on the bad stuff. But I’m determined to remain positive; it will prevent me from losing my shit (weirdest expression).

Through reading feminist books and writing this blog, I’m learning that is that it’s not all bad. We need to surround ourselves with more of the positive and properly celebrate our victories.

So, in the prospect of being hopeful. I’ve gathered some good feminist news that has happened around the world over the past few years:

It might not seem that way, but we have made great progress towards gender-equality. Try to look for the good and share that news with others.

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