Guest Post | What's your orgasm like?

Hey all you clit owners out there!

As part of my bachelor thesis at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel in the department of Spatial Strategies, I need support from many clitoris owners, like you!

I’m planning a spatial installation that deals with the issue of spatial resolution during female masturbation—especially from the beginning to just before orgasm. What do we all feel during that time and how does the perception of our body and our surroundings shift during that state of intoxication? I guess that everybody feels it different and I am looking to find out how exactly it differs.

I think it‘s important that we talk about those things. We shouldn‘t sweep female masturbation and orgasms under the carpet. This installation is my step towards showing the world a bit more intensive body perception and, as a result, more self-confidence to conquer this world by storm. We should all do this! It’s empowering.

So, how do your orgasms feel? I‘d love for you to tell me about it, so that I can try to process your thoughts in my installation. I‘d like to work with lights, sound, fog, colours, soft materials, transparencies and everything that can help me to discover the process of a space dissolving in human perception.

I’ve created a short survey to help you, help me! Take your time when answering the questions. Try to pay close attention to what you perceive during and right before orgasm.

So let‘s go! Let the masturbation begin!

Deadline to complete the survey was December 1, 2019
We are no longer accepting responses.

Thank you for taking the time to help me! I look forward to reading your answers. Another blog post about the installation will be published here when it’s completed.

Author: Merle
Instagram: @m.erlemariie