Guest Blog Posts

Last week, I published the first of many upcoming blog posts written by a guest author. This one was authored by Alex Schladebeck and is titled Questions we shouldn’t ask (anymore). In it, she shares her experience with the questions “do you want or do you have kids?” and why it’s antiquated.

Sexism is everywhere and affects everyone in nefarious ways. We need to talk about it, to let out the shame and anger, in order to survive and overcome it; that’s why I started Evulving in the first place. The upcoming guest post will show you why you should be angry too.

I can talk about sexism as much as I want—and I will—but I can only speak for myself and share my experience as a white bisexual middle-class woman. What I want is to give everyone a voice to paint a better picture of how sexism affects us all.

I’m excited about this new chapter that Evulving is embarking on. It’s a safe space for everyone to share their experiences and make their voices heard.

Your voice is important too. Have an idea? Want to share it (anonymously or not)? Email me.