New Evulving Logo

I’m excited to share the new Evulving logo with you!

Evulving Logo Large

When I first launched in November 2018, I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like, but I wanted to focus on the writing and sharing. That’s why I quickly drew up a vulva on paper, digitalized it in the only amateur way I knew how, and started posting chapters.

During those first few weeks, my friend Lynda and I discussed a possible logo featuring a vulva and an open book. We thought it would reflect the goal of this blog: to be as open as possible about everything that has happened to me because I own a vulva.

Now that the writing is flowing, Lynda and I rediscussed the logo. Shortly after, she made our logo dreams a reality! Thank you, Lynda. I love it.

Check out more of Lynda Schoenmakers’ work at I especially love her All My Monsters Are Going Crazy project.