Chapter 27 | Live Vulva Talk

This post is different than usual because a month ago I was invited to perform a piece about this blog in front of a live audience. What an opportunity! I didn’t want to waste it.

I spent the last four weeks writing a 10-minute speech on the topics of body positivity and empowerment. I wanted it to be fun, which is why I chose to do a stand-up routine inspired by a few of my favourite comedians (including Hannah Gadsby). It was my first time doing stand-up. Yes, I love challenging myself.

I rehearsed the talk and the jokes multiple times a day for a week, rewriting jokes and adding new ones as I went. I needed to get this right. In the end, the show went great and, most importantly, the audience laughed. Unfortunately, the live event (and the laughs) were not recorded, so I performed my set in my living room for you.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments of the YouTube video.