Chapter 22 | Can women and men be friends?

Yes. Men and women can be friends. Can a child and an elderly person be friends? They sure can. Can a lesbian be friends with another woman? Of course. Anyone can be friends with anyone; whatever the age or origin. Men and women are humans—we have shared experiences and can understand one another better than most people think.

I loved hanging out with guys my entire life. It’s easier now because I don’t question myself, my life and my feelings so much. As a teenager, I would over-analyze every detail when someone was nice to me. Did they like me? Were we just friends? And all the other confusing questions that come with hormonal changes. Now, I know what I want from romantic relationships and friendships. I trust that if someone likes me, they will tell me. Today, some of my favourite people are my male friends. They are all awesome and I hold them dear to my heart. :heart:

How to trust your partner?

Start by loving yourself. Then, trust that your partner can be friends with whoever they want, regardless of their gender and sexual identity. Be confident that your partner loves and respects you and your relationship. Communicate openly about your feelings; hear your partner and make yourself heard. Put the jealousy aside—it will only erode your relationship. If they betray you, that’s their problem. It will hurt, but you don’t need to put up with it. It’s not your fault and it doesn’t change how awesome you are. You’ll survive and go on to love others.

When a relationship or a friendship ends, people focus on the bad parts. But there was so much good in there. Cherish the moments that you have shared. That person and their impact are reflected in who you are and who you will become. The love made you better. So, mourn your relationship and let go of the bad, but keep the love.

What is love?

People think “I love you” is sacred and should only be said to your one true love. Bullshit. I love you are wonderful words to hear from a friend, parent, relative, lover, partner, etc. I say I love you to many people every day. The love for each person is different, but it’s still love.

Love isn’t finite. Go out and spread it!